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A new way to sell homes: real estate listings that are awesome, social & FREE

How to sell home with a free social listing on Housenet

Australians love online property;  it’s almost a national obsession. Numerous real estate web portals feed this habit, and indeed three appear in the top 50 busiest Australian websites. More competition is always good in any field, but there is NO need for yet another copycat listings site. We need innovation with how to sell homes online.

Which brings us – surprise! – to Housenet. As a social network, we have a focus on user content and connecting people that allows a different approach.  We’re not aiming to be the biggest, baddest listings portal on the block, but we DO want to help solve problems and democratise the technology by making it more widely available.

When building Housenet, we noticed a few gaps and inequities in the online listing space for real estate and pretty soon these started to bug us:

  • Why can’t you have a truly social experience on the big real estate portals? Users can’t leave comments, rate properties, or leave reviews. Why not?
  • Why does it cost so much for real estate agents  to list property on these sites? Ultimately vendors foot most of this bill.
  • Why can’t private sellers and DIY vendors list directly on some of these portals?
We also noticed the quality of listings on online classified sites for rentals and share accommodation is often poor, with VERY basic functionality. They’re nowhere near as good as sites that specialise in how to sell homes. With less money involved you’d expect this, but is it fair?
Whether you rent,  own, or share , housing is a fundamental human need. I reckon you should be able to advertise your property in a way that gives you the best possible result, regardless of your ownership status. So we decided to make a contribution for the greater good. In our marketplace, ANYONE can create an awesome listing that’s easy, social & FREE. Check out some images and see what I mean:

And here’s our photo theatre for listing images:

All listings include Google maps & street view:

Listings have in-built comment streams & extensive social sharing options:

Members of the Housenet community can also rate and review listings, see right below. (Users listing property can also disable this feature if they want)

There you have it. Whether you’re a landlord wanting to list your investment property for rent, a real estate agent selling a mansion, or student seeking a new flatmate for a share house, with the Housenet marketplace you can advertise with a FREE basic listing that make your place look a million bucks in just a few minutes. That’s how to sell homes!

Cheers, Darren

PS: If you want more functionality with your Housenet listing, or you want to promote it, you can UPGRADE your subscription too. 

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  • geoff blamey September 26, 2013, 5:35 pm

    There are I believe 5 different ways of calculating the yield on your investment property.Can you demonstrate.

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