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Meet up with Perth locals on Neighbour Social Network

New to Perth? After the big move, the next big thing you need to figure out is getting along with neighbours and meeting people in your neighbourhood. There are many ways to get social and interact with new friends, but if you don’t know where to start, this post is a guide to meet up with Perth locals on neighbour Social Network.

  1. Join Housenet.

Housenet allows you to experience ‘social media for where you live.’ Housenet is a great way to meet neighbours in your suburb, connect with them, be updated with neighbourhood news, and join community events. Whether you are new to the neighbourhood or have been there for a while, you will find Housenet helpful in growing social connections and increasing awareness with what’s happening in your neighbourhood.

neighbour social network

Joining is easy! Just enter your ‘Full Name’, ‘Email’ and ‘Password’ in the sign up box at the left side of the Housenet page.   Click on the small box right beside ‘I have read and agreed to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy’ and click ‘Join’.

For a complete guide on how to join Housenet, click here.

  1. Subscribe to local Perth Community Page.

If you put ‘Perth 7300’ as your suburb and postcode in joining Housenet, you are automatically subscribed to Perth’s news, events, and community page updates. However, if you belong to another suburb and also want to get updates from Perth, you can easily subscribe to Perth’s update by entering ‘Perth 7300’ to the search field in your Housenet home page or you can click this. When you’re on the Perth 7300 Official Community Page already, click ‘Join.’

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  1. Use Neighbour Forums.

Neighbour Forums give you an awesome opportunity to communicate and interact with neighbours in Perth. With different forum categories, you can join and participate to any category of your choice such as general news, crime alerts, lost & found, real estate & property, and recommendations. For a complete guide on how to use neighbour forums, click here.

  1. Attend Perth’s local events.

Ready to take your neighbourhood experience to the next level? Be sure to check out Perth’s events and participate to the event of your interest. Joining community events will help you get to know your neighbours better on a face-to-face level. This also increases camaraderie among neighbours and will inspire you to work together to improve their community. If you feel like throwing a housewarming party, feel free to invite your neighbours through Housenet. All you need to do is to post the details of your event in the community page. Start off by clicking ‘Create New Event’ and put the details of your event. For a complete guide on how to promote or create an event, click here.


  1. Subscribe to Perth’s blog and news.

Whether it’s about real estate, property, home improvements, or even crime alerts, hear what your neighbours are saying when you read Perth’s local community blogs and news. You can also make your own blog or publish local news. To get started, click ‘Add New Blog’ and work your way in building your post. For a complete guide on how to publish blog or local news, click here.



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