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Neighbour News Network Launches Online

write about where you live

Today we did something a bit radical. As I write this I am half-excited and nervous as hell... We launched an online platform where anyone can publish the local news,  and have it distributed to neighbours for FREE. Yep, you don't need a printing press. Or a media company. You just need an internet connection, [...]


What to do about neighbours with loud parties

loud neighbours

Parties are great! You get a chance to socialise, meet old and new friends, eat, drink, and have a great time altogether. But not if you are living next door to the party’s host, had a bad day at work, and just wanted to rest. How do you go about this? As a courtesy to [...]


What to do about neighbours with untidy properties

untidy neighbour property

If you’re OC like me, you might not be able to stand the sight of having an unkept or messy backyard near you. If we could only live in a perfect world where everything looks pretty and smells delicious, that would be great. But sadly, the world we live in is not perfect and so [...]


Things to do in Haberfield Neighbourhood, Sydney

Haberfield Little Italy

Haberfield Neighbourhood is quite popular for its unique community that forms the well-loved ‘Little Italy’ in Sydney. Haberfield is 20 minutes away from the city and it is home to many Italian families. The neighbourhood boasts of authenticity and uniqueness in every corner and shops. Unlike some neighbourhoods, which are forced to look a certain [...]


What to do about neighbours who gossip

neighbours gossiping

Nothing is more irritating than having a neighbour that constantly spreads rumours about everyone in the neighbourhood. As you try to ignore it, it only grows worst and the next thing you know, the gossip has been passed around to almost everyone in your area. What to do about neighbours who gossip? Well, first of [...]


Things to do in Annandale Neighbourhood, Sydney

Annandale Hotel

Located within 5 kilometres west of Sydney central business district, Annandale Neighbourhood is a great place to visit and live in. Annandale boasts of its wonderful and friendly vibe that is ready to swoon your heart whenever you pass by. If you want a café culture surrounded by heritage houses, but with less busy and [...]


Meet up with Brisbane locals on Neighbour Social Network

Brisbane local neigbourhood

New to Brisbane? After the big move, the next big thing you need to figure out is getting along with neighbours and meeting people in your neighbourhood. There are many ways to get social and interact with new friends, but if you don't know where to start, this post is a guide to meet up [...]


What to do about neighbours with LOUD music

negihbours with loud music

Noisy neighbours can drive you mad. It can start with a simple music playing one night, and then the next day, you can already hear them partying all night. What went wrong? Did the gods forsake you and won’t let you have a peaceful sleep? Is your bitter life at work not enough so here [...]


Things To Do in Newtown Neighbourhood, Sydney

Dendy Newton

If you want to add some colour and vibrance in your life, Newtown Neighbourhood community is the place to be! With over 100 restaurants and cafes that offer different cuisines from around the world, vintage and antique stores, fashion boutiques, and homecare shops, Newtown is a great place to live or visit. Here are the [...]

Stop neighbours dogs barking

While barking is naturally a dog’s way to communicate, some dogs bark incessantly to the point that you can’t tolerate them anymore. There are some things you can do to avoid this and it’s easier to handle if you are the owner of the dog. But what if the dog that annoys you is your [...]