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Things to do in Perth, WA

Perth is the only capital city in Australia that lies near the Indian Ocean. Exploring Perth is exciting because of lots of things you can do whether you are visiting or living in the area. It has spectacular beaches, wine bars, green parks, skyscrapers, lovely neighbourhood, and architecture. This city is promising with its great passion for the past, combined with developments for the future. This awesome mix attracts both young and old people alike, and with its relaxed outdoor lifestyle, one will easily fall in love with this place. Perth is definitely one of the go-to-places in Australia that you shouldn’t miss!

Below are some of the things to do while you’re in Perth:

1. Surf, swim, or simply chill out at Perth’s beaches.

Who doesn’t love beaches? They say salt water heals everything and this holds true for every person who is in need of relaxation and time off from the stress of city life. Marvel at the beauty of white sand beaches and watch the glamorous Indian Ocean sunsets. Western Australian beaches are considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Perth alone has 19 magnificent beaches and a total of 20,781 kilometres of coastline.

perth-beaches-rottnestPhoto from www.westernaustralia-travellersguide.com

2. Have fun at Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Around 1.5 kilometres from the Perth Central Business District lies Kings Park and Botanic Garden. With 400.6 hectares of green parkland and botanic garden, Kings Park is one of the most popular destinations in Western Australia. It is great for picnics, cultural events, and recreational activities for the whole family. The Botanic Garden showcases a wide variety of Australian flora, with around 310 species of plants, along with 80 bird species.

kings parkPhoto from www.aroundyou.com.au

3. Explore Perth’s Zoo

Dedicated in preserving Australian wildlife, Perth Zoo is a must see destination in Perth. The zoo is also dedicated in saving and taking care of animal species from around the world. They have native species breeding program, which breeds endangered species and releases them to the wild. This will help the animals to recover in their natural habitat. Perth Zoo accepts donations to help them in their advocacies. To know more about their programs, please visit www.perthzoo.wa.gov.au.

perthzooPhoto from www.perthzoo.wa.gov.au

4. Experience arts and culture

Your artistic soul will have a grand feast when you visit Perth’s lively music, dance, theatre, and visual art representations. Cultural experiences are offered all year round in the city and its surrounding regions. There are galleries and museums, public art works, outdoor cinemas, and art and craft markets.

craft-marketPhoto from www.experienceperth.com

5. Shopping in Perth

You can sure find great finds at Perth’s stylish malls and extensive markets. From antiques to technologically advanced gadgets, you can find everything in Perth! A wide range of weekend markets, specialty stores, and galleries is perfect for finding great gifts for your loved ones. Perth’s major shopping centres include Karrinyup Shopping Centre, Garden City, Westfield Whitfords City, Westfield Carousel, Clairemont Quarter, and Centro Galleria.

shoppingPhoto from www.experienceperth.com

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