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Things to do in Petersham Neighbourhood, Sydney

petersham charcoal chicken

Located six kilometres southwest of Sydney central business district, Petersham is a suburb in the Inner West. While Petersham Neighbourhood is popular for its broad Portuguese commercial offerings, did you know that only two percent of its population was actually from Portugal? Nevertheless, Petersham is a treasure and a thriving community for Portuguese restaurants and businesses.

Although Petersham is not as ‘flashy’ as other nearby neighbourhoods, it has become one of the favorite destinations for dining and drinking. Here are the things to do in Petersham Neighbourhood, Sydney:

  1. Have a taste of Portugal

‘Little Portugal’ can be found along New Canterbury Road, where you can have a complete Portuguese gastronomic experience with bunch of restaurants, cake shops, delis, and charcoal chicken takeaways. There’s also a bottle shop that specialises in Portuguese wines and beers.

gloriasrestaurantslide61Photo from http://www.gloriascafe.com.au/

  1. Join Bairro Português Food & Wine Fair

The Bairro Português Food & Wine Fair is a street festival that is held in March every year in Audley and Fisher Streets. Have fun and enjoy great music, food, dance, and cultural activities during the festival.

bairrophotosPhoto from http://www.marrickville.nsw.gov.au/

  1. Have fun with friends at the Petersham Bowling Club

The Petersham Bowling and Recreation Club is one of the oldest clubs in New South Wales. It was established in 1896 and continues to strive in bringing fun and enjoyment to its patrons. The Petersham Bowling and Recreation Club is a multipurpose facility that offers entertainment, food, and sports.

pbcPhoto from http://www.thepbc.org.au/

  1. Visit Petersham Pubs

If you want to have a great time and relax by having a couple of drinks, Petersham has great pubs to choose from! There is Livingstone Hotel, Petersham Inn, and White Cockatoo Hotel among others. These pubs provide great music, stylish ambience, and affordable drinks. These are great places to catch up with friends after a tiring day at work.

2bigPhoto from http://www.whitecockatoohotel.com.au/

  1. Indulge in charcoal chicken.

If you can already smell the smoky aroma of the Portuguese style charcoal grilled chicken, that means you are already in Petersham. A number of restaurants in Petersham prepare and grill dozens of chicken every day.

portuguese_charcoal_chickenPhoto from www.gourmetsafaris.com.au

Finally, use Housenet the neighbourhood social networking site to keep up with Petersham local news, promote your Petersham community events, and buy and sell online with Petersham residents in the neighbourhood classifieds.

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