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What to do about neighbours with screaming kids

Kids are the greatest blessings ever. But sometimes, they can become loud, unruly, and a little bit hard to deal with. Congratulations, if your kids already moved pass the toddlers stage and they are starting to become responsible adults. Good job, parents! The sleepless nights are over and you can now spend more quality time with your spouse. You are finally living a quiet and peaceful life until new neighbours come in, along with their non-stop screaming kids. What?! Seriously? As if years of enduring yelling, crying, and fighting of your own kids were not enough. But that is different then. Your kids knew how to stop and usually, they lost energy came sundown. Your neighbours’ kids, on the other hand, are like children on steroids. They are non-stop and it’s driving you insane.

For the sake of your sanity, here are some things to do about neighbours with screaming kids:

  1. Reach out to your neighbour.

You can invite your neighbour for a simple lunch or coffee to ask how she is. Tell her you are concerned that she might be stressed out dealing with housework and the kids. She must be in the period of adjusting and ask how you can help.

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  1. Be open with your problem.

If you already have reached out to your neighbour and broke down the walls, it’s time to be honest about how you feel with her children. Tell her that the screaming of the kids can be heard in your living room and you’re having a hard time to rest and relax after a day’s work.


  1. Offer suggestions.

If your neighbour is still adjusting and she’s having a hard time multitasking at home, you can suggest a day care or house cleaning service that can help her sort things out. If it won’t be too much of a burden, they can also invest in soundproofing their walls.


  1. Soundproof your own home. 

If you don’t want to embarrass or bother your neighbour by complaining about their screaming kids, soundproofing options for your property will be worth every penny. You only not get rid of the noise the screaming kids make, but you also get rid of other unwanted nuisances like dogs barking at night, neighbours with loud parties, etc.

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  1. Talk to your council.

Anything that involves kids can be a pretty sensitive issue. That’s why we are reserving the reporting to the cops for other concerns that don’t involve children. What you can do is talk to your council or community leader. If you’re too shy to approach your neighbours yourself, this can work for you. Let them handle the situation and let’s hope for a favourable outcome.



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