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What to do about neighbours with ‘unpleasant odours’

What to do about neighbours with ‘unpleasant odours’ post image

Sometimes, we can tolerate the noise of our neighbours up to some level, but odours? You’ve got to be kidding me! It’s even worse if the smell spread to your apartment or house. This is disgusting especially if you do your best to keep and maintain your house fresh, clean, and odour-free. You can keep mum about it for a while, but if it looks like a permanent thing and there’s no improvement with the odours at all, it’s time you get up on your feet and do something.

Here are some suggestions in what to do about neighbours with ‘unpleasant odours':

  1. Investigate.

This doesn’t mean you will snoop around. We just want to make sure where the smell is coming from. Does your neighbour have pets? Do they cook a lot? Is it coming from unkept garbage? Does that paint smell come from recent renovation? Are they chain smokers? It is important to get information like this to better assess the situation.


  1. Talk to your neighbour.

If you think that your neighbour has some negligence in his part, you can come to his doorsteps and talk to him about the odours. Be sincere with your intentions. Your neighbour might not be aware of how it is affecting you so explain how you feel exactly.

clean up

  1. Do home remedies.

Some smells can transfer from your neighbour’s home to yours. If that happens, you are left with no choice but to remedy the smell in your own property. What can you do? For odours coming from smoke, you can use some baking soda on affected fabrics and vacuum after. Using coffee grounds on filters and distributing them all over the house can do wonders in neutralising the smell too.

baking soda

  1. Report it to your local council.

If you already talked to your neighbour and still the odour persists, then it’s time to report it to your local council. Maybe, you’re doing your common neighbours a favor too. For something unbearable like that, it is better that someone with authority deal with the matter.


  1. Offer help.

Your neighbour must be going some tough times managing work, kids, and the household. It will be a good gesture if you can lend a helping hand. Just make sure that your intention is really to help your neighbour and not to embarrass him. A simple act like this will go a long way. Just better be sure that your neighbour is not scumbag like this guy:


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